4 Places A Polyaspartic Top Coat Could Be Applied

From homes to businesses, there are many places where a polyaspartic topcoat could be applied. With their superior durability, resistance, and cure time, polyaspartic floor coatings are the perfect choice to refinish concrete.

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4 Places A Polyaspartic Top Coat Could Be Applied

Concrete floors crack, erode, and fade over time. A polyaspartic topcoat prevents this and keeps your floors looking newer and lasting longer. Thousands of businesses and homeowners across the country have had a polyaspartic coating put on their floors to make them shine. Whatever kind of work you do, polyaspartic coating will prevent damage and stains to preserve the life of your floors. Wherever you need a Polyaspartic topcoat, the experts at American Poly Concrete Floor Refinishing can help you install a coat today. To learn more about where you might need a polyaspartic coat, read more or visit us at our website or give us a call to see how we can help refinish your concrete floors.

An empty garage being worked on


If you have a home garage or run a commercial garage, you may have concrete floors that are cracking, fading, and eroding. To prevent any further damage, a polyaspartic topcoat is exactly what you need. With resistance to abrasions and chemicals, a polyaspartic coating can handle anything that you throw at it. From toolbox scuffs to oil stains, a polyaspartic floor has the toughness you need to take a beating and still look brand new.

Poly floor close up


Whether you use your basement as a storage space, a workspace, or a painting studio, your concrete flooring just won't cut it. For superior protection, you need to have a polyaspartic coating in your basement to reduce damage and keep it looking clean. Its abrasion resistance will keep damages minimal when moving furniture, and the chemical resistance will help it tackle any project. Regardless of what you use your basement for, polyaspartic flooring can help protect its floors so you can keep enjoying your basement any way you like.

Poly floor with a yellow car

Car Dealership

Most car dealerships have a large indoor showroom where their employees work and they can show their best cars without braving the elements. When it comes to flooring these showrooms, there are many options. You can choose concrete, tile, or a polymer coating, but the best option is a polyaspartic topcoat. With cars rolling in and out, exposure to sun and water, and heavy foot traffic, car dealership showrooms need something that has unprecedented flexibility and toughness. Polyaspartic coating is the only option that fully protects your floors and looks great to impress potential customers.

A white clean industrial space


In the restaurant business, cleanliness is key. Tile and concrete floors can hold grease and stains that leave them off-colored and can deter customers from eating at your restaurant. Luckily, with polyaspartic floors, that worry is a thing of the past. With their excellent stain resistance, you won’t have to worry about stains ruining the floor of your dining area or kitchen. Cleaning chemicals, oil, and food don’t stand up against the amazing resistance of a polyaspartic topcoat. Also, by not having to replace or repair your floors you will save a bundle. Polyaspartic topcoats are easy to clean, so your floors will stay beautiful and sanitary for your hungry customers.

Whatever kind of home or business you have, your concrete floors need the superior durability of a polyaspartic floor. A polyaspartic floor coating will keep you working and enjoying your space for years to come without worries of damage or repairs. You work hard, and you want a floor that works harder. Polyaspartic flooring can handle any scrape, bump, or drop your job throws at it without breaking a sweat. Domestic or commercial, a polyaspartic floor is just what your floors need. Wherever you put your polyaspartic coating, trust the team at American Poly Concrete Floor Refinishing to get the job done right. Visit our website or give us a call to get a quote now and start refinishing your floors today!

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