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When it comes to enhancing the durability and functionality of your industrial kitchen in Hartford, CT, American Poly stands as the unrivaled expert in epoxy flooring solutions. We take pride in offering top-notch industrial kitchen epoxy flooring services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our mission is to provide a seamless, durable, and visually appealing epoxy flooring system that can withstand the toughest conditions and enhance the overall efficiency of your industrial kitchen.

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Elevate Your Kitchen with Epoxy Flooring

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At American Poly, we understand that industrial kitchens demand robust flooring solutions that can withstand the test of time. Our epoxy flooring systems are designed to provide unparalleled durability, ensuring your kitchen floors can handle the daily rigors of a bustling kitchen environment. With epoxy flooring, you won't have to worry about wear and tear, stains, or cracks.

Safety is paramount in any industrial kitchen. Epoxy flooring not only offers excellent slip resistance but also complies with safety standards. It makes the kitchen a safer place for your staff by reducing accident risks.

Maintaining a sanitary environment is critical in an industrial kitchen. Our epoxy flooring is non-porous, which means that it doesn't trap dirt, grime, or bacteria. Cleaning is a breeze, and your kitchen will always be in compliance with hygiene regulations.

While functionality is crucial, we understand that your industrial kitchen also needs to look good. Our epoxy flooring options offer a range of colors and finishes to personalize your kitchen. A visually appealing kitchen not only pleases the eye but also creates a positive atmosphere for your staff and customers.

Investing in epoxy flooring for your industrial kitchen is a cost-effective choice in the long run. Its durability, low maintenance requirements, and extended lifespan make it a wise investment for your business.

The American Poly Advantage

Unmatched Expertise

American Poly is a name synonymous with expertise in epoxy flooring solutions. Our team has extensive experience with the latest industry techniques and has delivered numerous projects in Hartford, CT with satisfied clients.

Customized Solutions

We acknowledge that every industrial kitchen is distinct, and we approach it accordingly. Our team collaborates with you to develop a personalized epoxy flooring solution that fulfills your requirements and preferences, whether you want a specific color, texture, or pattern.

Quality Materials

We prioritize the use of high-quality materials. Our epoxy flooring solutions are carefully sourced from reputable suppliers to ensure a durable product.

Efficient Installation

Minimizing downtime is crucial for any business. Our team works efficiently to install epoxy flooring with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Competitive Pricing

We provide high-quality services at competitive prices. At American Poly, we aim to deliver value for your investment.

Our Process

At American Poly, we follow a structured process to ensure the successful installation of your industrial kitchen epoxy flooring:

1. Assessment

We begin by assessing your specific requirements and the condition of your existing flooring. This step helps us understand your needs and provide you with an accurate estimate.

2. Preparation

Preparation is crucial for a successful epoxy flooring installation. We ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from any imperfections. This is essential for the epoxy to bond effectively.

3. Installation

Our experienced team will apply the epoxy coating efficiently, ensuring a seamless finish. We work diligently to complete the installation within the agreed timeframe.

4. Quality Check

We ensure that your epoxy flooring meets our high standards through a thorough quality check, ensuring flawless results.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We'll walk you through the finished product, ensuring it meets your expectations.

6. Maintenance Guidance

We provide guidance on maintaining your epoxy flooring to ensure its longevity. With minimal maintenance, your flooring will continue to shine for years to come.

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Why Choose Epoxy Flooring for Your Industrial Kitchen?

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Epoxy flooring is renowned for its durability in industrial kitchens, withstanding heavy foot traffic and equipment movement.

Chemical Resistance

Industrial kitchens often require flooring that is resistant to spills and harsh chemicals. Epoxy flooring is an ideal solution due to its high chemical resistance and durability.

Temperature Tolerance

The temperature in industrial kitchens can vary significantly. Epoxy flooring can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations without warping or cracking.

Moisture Resistance

Kitchens are prone to spills and moisture. Epoxy flooring is water-resistant, ensuring it remains intact even in wet conditions.

Quick Installation

Epoxy flooring can be installed relatively quickly, minimizing downtime for your kitchen.

Industries We Serve

American Poly provides epoxy flooring solutions not only for industrial kitchens but also for various other industries, including:

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This type of flooring is primarily designed for heavy-duty industrial settings such as:

Food Processing Plants




Pharmaceutical Facilities

Healthcare Institutions


Automotive Workshops

Retail Spaces

And many more!

It is specifically engineered to withstand extreme conditions, heavy machinery, and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial environments.

Additional Considerations for Industrial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

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Slip-Resistant Options

Safety is paramount in any industrial kitchen. Slip and fall accidents can cause serious harm, and therefore, it is crucial to take measures to ensure maximum safety. To address this, we offer slip-resistant epoxy flooring options that provide superior traction, thus reducing the risk of accidents in your kitchen. Our specialized coatings are designed to enhance safety, and we highly recommend them for any industrial kitchen.

Custom Logos and Graphics

Want to add a personal touch to your kitchen's flooring? Our epoxy flooring can be customized with logos and graphics that represent your brand or add a unique aesthetic element to your kitchen. This is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your customers and create a cohesive atmosphere.

Easy Repairs

While epoxy flooring is incredibly durable, accidents can still happen. In the event of damage, repairs are relatively simple and cost-effective. Our team can quickly restore the flooring to its original condition, minimizing downtime and maintaining the functionality of your kitchen.

FDA and USDA Compliance

If your industrial kitchen is involved in food production, it's essential to meet FDA and USDA regulations. Our epoxy flooring solutions are designed to comply with these regulations, ensuring that your kitchen is up to code.

Green Epoxy Flooring

For those businesses committed to sustainability, we offer eco-friendly epoxy flooring options. These coatings are not only durable but also environmentally responsible, making them an excellent choice for green-conscious kitchens.

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Maintaining Your Industrial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

While epoxy flooring is low-maintenance, regular care is essential to ensure its longevity. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your kitchen flooring in optimal condition:

Daily Cleaning

Sweep or vacuum your epoxy flooring daily to remove debris and dirt. This prevents the accumulation of abrasive particles that can cause wear over time.

Immediate Spill Cleanup

Spills are inevitable in a kitchen setting. Clean them up promptly to prevent stains and to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Periodic Mopping

Periodic mopping with a mild detergent helps remove grease and grime that may accumulate on the floor. Use warm water and a soft mop to avoid damaging the epoxy surface.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

While epoxy is resistant to most chemicals, it's best to avoid harsh, abrasive chemicals that can wear down the coating over time.

Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect your epoxy flooring for any signs of wear, damage, or deterioration. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.

Professional Maintenance

At American Poly, we also offer professional maintenance services to ensure your epoxy flooring continues to look and perform at its best. Our maintenance experts can assess and maintain your flooring, extending its lifespan.

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Epoxy Flooring for Kitchen Renovations

If you're planning a kitchen renovation or remodeling project, epoxy flooring can be an excellent addition. Its durability and versatility make it suitable for various kitchen settings, including:

Commercial Kitchens

Whether you run a bustling restaurant, a catering business, or a food production facility, epoxy flooring is an ideal choice to handle high traffic and food-related activities.

Residential Kitchens

Epoxy flooring is not limited to commercial kitchens. It's also gaining popularity in residential kitchens, providing homeowners with a durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing option.

Outdoor Kitchens

For outdoor kitchens, epoxy flooring can withstand exposure to the elements while maintaining a clean and attractive appearance. It's resistant to UV rays, ensuring it doesn't fade over time.

Kitchen Showrooms

In a kitchen showroom, epoxy flooring can serve as an excellent showcase for your products. Its customization options allow you to create a stunning display.

Home Renovation Projects

If you're renovating your home and want to give your kitchen a fresh look, epoxy flooring can be the perfect solution. It's cost-effective and can significantly impact the overall appearance of your space.

Get the Kitchen Flooring You Deserve

Your industrial kitchen in Hartford, CT, deserves the best, and American Poly is here to provide it. Our epoxy flooring solutions are designed to exceed your expectations in terms of durability, safety, hygiene, and aesthetics. Don't settle for less when it comes to your kitchen's flooring.

For inquiries, quotes, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today at (860) 241-2887 or email us at Let American Poly be your trusted partner in transforming your industrial kitchen with top-notch epoxy flooring solutions. Your kitchen deserves nothing less than the best, and that's exactly what we deliver.