4 Reasons Your Concrete Floors Need To Be Refinished

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4 Reasons Your Concrete Floors Need To Be Refinished

Before you call in the demolition team to completely tear out your old concrete, you should consider the benefits of concrete resurfacing! American Poly is Connecticut’s expert team of concrete professionals, specializing in resurfacing, refinishing, and revitalizing your old concrete. Here are just four reasons that your concrete floors need to be refinished rather than replaced.

close up of cracked concrete

Cracks or Other Damage

Unfortunately, there’s just no getting around the fact that your concrete, no matter how robust, will eventually begin to crack, scuff, or become otherwise damaged. This is just the nature of concrete and the passage of time. However, cracked or damaged concrete doesn’t necessarily mean you need to demo all of your concrete and rip out everything — in most cases, refinishing your concrete can yield incredibly successful results! Save money and time and renew your existing concrete with American Poly.

refinished concrete floor

Floors Need To Be Cleaned

If your concrete flooring is in a high-traffic area, or you frequently use your room with concrete flooring, it’s ideal to have a surface that is easy to clean. Degraded, old, cracked concrete becomes more and more difficult to keep clean as it ages. The very act of using a shop broom on concrete can slowly wear down your concrete. Make cleaning your concrete floor easier by refinishing it! Refinished concrete can also be applied to resist staining and make cleaning up motor oil and other chemicals easier.

applying concrete refinishing product

You’d Like to Add a Resurfacing Product

Sometimes the decision to refinish your concrete flooring is as simple as making an aesthetic choice. Refinished concrete flooring just looks great! Refinishing your concrete allows you to make some aesthetic choices that you may not have always had access to. Different finishes and patterns can convey the look of sandstone, brick, granite, and several color options. Resurfacing is a great cost-effective way to revitalize your home’s concrete flooring.


Protection Against Wear and Tear

Resurfacing your concrete floors can both protect your flooring from wear and tear and also add value to your home. Resurfacing effectively fixes cracked, damaged, or otherwise worn-out concrete, making it appear as new as the day it was poured. You also have the ability to incorporate your own design ideas into the concrete to keep it consistent with your home design, whether that be modern or more traditional. Non-slip options also make resurfaced concrete a safer option than what you currently have!

We hope that you decide to forego ripping out all of your concrete flooring and instead trust the experts here at American Poly to resurface, refinish, and revitalize your concrete! Contact us today in Connecticut to get your quote and get started!

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