4 Ways to Transform Your Old Garage Into a Beautiful and Functional Space

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4 Ways to Transform Your Old Garage Into a Beautiful and Functional Space

Has your old garage become a catch-all storage area for your home, providing no real active function? Why not make the most out of this often-underutilized room of your house by giving it new life, starting with refinishing the concrete floors to make way for a functional space? Here are just a few ideas for how to transform your dusty old garage into a beautiful space from your professional concrete refinishing team at American Poly Concrete Flooring Experts!

guest bed and bedside lamp

Create a Cozy Guest Room

One of the most popular choices that homeowners make when it comes to revitalizing their old garage is to transform it into cozy guest accommodations. This is a creative and budget-friendly way to effectively create an addition to the livable space in your home. While your garage may not be large enough to become a full-fledged guest house, a guest suite can be just as beneficial. You’d be surprised just how many amenities you can place in a garage to make it a comfortable space to house guests — and it all starts with refinishing those old concrete floors!

man sitting at desk in home office

Get the Office You Never Had

Working from home has become more and more commonplace, with many businesses offering their employees the ability to work remotely. Unfortunately, there isn’t always the space at home for an office. When you change your old garage into a functional office, you’ll be able to experience convenience, more storage space for work items, and even a nice place to have work meetings that is separate from the home itself. Ensure you have adequate electrical options and a refinished concrete floor, and you’ll be ready to make the transition to working from home in style!

home art studio

Make a Creative Space for the Whole Family

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a space that is available to your whole family for being creative and having fun that won’t disturb the main area of the house? Your old garage can easily be transformed into a functional family area for both work and play. With nicely refinished concrete floors, plenty of insulation, and lots of natural light, you can have a family creative area that is perfect for working on school projects, creating works of art, or anything else your family’s imagination comes up with!

weights on gym floor

Create a Home Gym for Better Health

One of the biggest obstacles people face when it comes to staying fit is actually going to the gym. You can experience the ultimate fitness convenience by changing your old garage into a functional gym and fitness area! You’ll also be saving a lot of money by having access to your own fitness area instead of relying on a gym membership that you’ll never use. With refinished concrete floors, you’ll have plenty of space for equipment or laying down mats for yoga. Your garage door can even provide plenty of fresh air in the summer and keep you warm in the winter!

These are just a few ideas for how you can transform your old garage in Connecticut into something that actually adds value to your everyday life. Get started by refinishing your concrete floors with American Poly in Lebanon!

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