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6 Reasons Epoxy Resinous Floors are Perfect For Manufacturing

For manufacturing spaces, epoxy resinous floors offer exceptional durability, low maintenance, and resistance against chemical and abrasive damage. With their versatility and aesthetic appeal, they are the ultimate choice for manufacturers looking for a practical and visually appealing flooring solution. Choose epoxy resinous floors today and experience the difference they can make in your space. And choosing American Poly Floors to do your installation means worry-free floors for years.

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Most Durable Option

Epoxy resinous floors have revolutionized the industrial flooring industry, becoming the go-to choice for manufacturers worldwide. This is because of their outstanding durability and ability to withstand heavy machinery, equipment, and foot traffic without getting damaged. Unlike other flooring options, epoxy resinous floors do not require any tiles, making them a highly cost-effective and low maintenance solution for manufacturers. These floors provide long-lasting protection against chemicals and abrasions, making them the perfect choice for industries that require high-performance flooring. With their impressive features, epoxy resinous floors not only offer practical benefits but also enhance the aesthetics of any industrial space. They are the ultimate solution for manufacturers looking for a reliable, durable, and cost-effective flooring option that helps to drive their business forward.



Resinous epoxy floors are an excellent safety option for industrial spaces. These floors are specifically designed to reduce slips and falls, making them the ideal choice for environments where safety is a priority. We can even customize the texture of your epoxy flooring to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your employees are safe and secure while working. Safety marking lines can also be added to the flooring, helping to identify hazardous areas and making your factory safer. With epoxy resinous floors, you can rest assured that your employees are protected from potential accidents and injuries, while also providing a clean and professional environment for your business. Choose epoxy resinous floors for a safer and more productive workplace.


Brighter, Cleaner, Looks

Epoxy resinous floors not only provide a durable and safe flooring solution but also offer a clean and bright environment for your industrial space. The reflective surface of these floors can raise light values in your space, making it easier to find things and creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. Not to mention, epoxy resinous floors just look great! With their smooth and glossy finish, they can transform any dull and dreary space into a sleek and modern area that will impress anyone who enters. These floors are also highly resistant to staining, making cleaning a breeze and helping to maintain the pristine appearance of your space. Choose epoxy resinous floors today and enjoy the benefits of a clean, bright, and visually appealing environment for your business.


Chemical Resistant

If you're looking for a flooring solution that can withstand harsh chemicals and cleaners, then epoxy resinous floors are the perfect choice for you. These floors offer unparalleled chemical resistance, making them ideal for use in industries where chemical exposure is a common occurrence. Whether it's CIP (Clean in Place) cleaning or chemical secondary containment, epoxy resinous floors can solve the problem. With their exceptional durability and low maintenance, they provide a long-lasting, cost-effective flooring solution that is easy to clean and maintain. Choose epoxy resinous floors for unbeatable chemical resistance and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your flooring can handle whatever your industry throws at it.


Easy to Maintain

Epoxy resinous floors offer an easy-to-maintain and clean flooring solution for industrial spaces. Their seamless nature prevents bacteria from harboring between grout lines like tile, making them a highly hygienic choice for industries that require a clean environment. Plus, if your floors are currently concrete, you won't believe how easy it is to clean epoxy resinous floors compared to concrete alone. With their highly resistant surface, epoxy floors can be easily cleaned with just soap and water, saving you time and money on expensive cleaning products. They are also highly resistant to staining and abrasion, ensuring that they retain their pristine appearance for years to come. Choose epoxy resinous floors for an easy-to-clean and low-maintenance flooring solution that provides a clean and hygienic environment for your business.

Hassle Free Professional Installation

American Poly Floors provides hassle-free and flexible installation schedules that work around your production needs. Our experienced team uses only the highest quality materials and installation techniques to ensure a long-lasting and efficient flooring solution for your business. Choose us for an stress-free experience that keeps your operations uninterrupted. Contact us for a free site assessment.