As a restaurant or commercial kitchen manager or owner, you know how important it is to choose the right flooring for your commercial kitchen. The demands of a busy kitchen staff and the constant spills and stains require a durable flooring option that can withstand daily abuse. At American Poly we understand the pain points. Our owners have worked in the restaurant and commercial kitchen industry prior to starting American Poly. Here are seven key things to consider when selecting commercial restaurant kitchen flooring:

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1. Durability

Your kitchen flooring must be able to sustain the harsh environment it endures. So, look for flooring options that display characteristics of durability such as chemical resistance, temperature and thermal shock resistance, moisture tolerance, and impact and abrasion resistance. A resinous floor installed by American Poly Floors will give you the protection needed. We can even offer decorative options that still retain the durability for the open concept kitchens.

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2. Life Expectancy

You don't want to keep reinvesting in flooring, so it's important to make an investment in kitchen flooring that will truly last. Ceramic flooring is often aesthetically pleasing but not durable in a commercial kitchen environment. Vinyl flooring is costly to maintain, particularly if moisture or dirt gets into the seams. Resinous Flooring installed by American Poly Floors is the most recommended option for the best average lifetime of 15+ years. The best thing is that often, the floors do not require removal, and a refresh of your floor is a fraction of the original installation.

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The ability to keep your flooring clean is just as important as durability and average lifetime. Select floors that are nonporous, seamless, and waterproof with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help block microorganisms from growing on the floors. American Poly Floors installs the most sanitary nonporous floors. There are no seams in the floor that bacteria can harbor.

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Choose slip-resistant flooring to ensure your kitchen is a safe space for your employees. American Poly Floors installs a slip-resistant floor that is right for your space. We offer options for slip resistance to any space.

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Shutdown Time

The time investment is a major deterrent for restaurant owners in redoing their floors. Shutting down your kitchen means no income. You cannot afford to do it again. American Poly Floors installs the right floor and thickness using low odor and quick return-to-service systems. And with out quick dry products we can get you back into service quickly.Learn More!

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A resinous floor has one of the lowest maintenance costs of any floor. No waxing, stripping, or expensive vinyl removals. American Poly Floors installs watertight and nonporous floors for your kitchen, making it low maintenance and repair. Just keep it clean and it will remain durable for years.

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Don't have concrete?

Many floors require special leveling when going over surfaces other than wood. American Poly Floors can be installed over many different surfaces, including plywood and some types of tile. We take the guess work out of your floor.