Concrete Resurfacing Options: Polyaspartic Is A Great Option

Concrete Resurfacing Options: Polyaspartic Is A Great Option

If you have a home or business, you likely have a concrete floor. Whether it be a garage, a basement, or a showroom floor. Concrete floors can crack, break, get stains, and fade over time That is why many people decide to coat their floor with a polymer solution. Polyaspartic surfacing is a fantastic solution for fixing an old and worn-out floor. Polyaspartic coatings make your old concrete floors shine and add years of use to the space. However, some can be better than others. With many options out there for coating your concrete floors, the experts at American Poly Concrete Floor Refinishing suggest that you use a polyaspartic coating on any of your concrete floors. Keep reading to learn why polyaspartic floors are the best polymer floor coatings available, or visit us online today to explore our floor coating options.

Extremely Durable

With a floor that is in constant use, it is important that it is extremely durable. Having to replace your polymer flooring often can be costly and a hassle. Not only that, if f you are a business owner, the time and money needed to replace your flooring can be detrimental to your profits. Polyaspartic coating stands up to any test and is guaranteed to last. With other polymer flooring options, you may have large amounts of damage to your floors and they’ll need to be replaced. Polyaspartic floors reduce this worry with their superior flexibility and durability.

Abrasion and Chemical Resistant

If you are in a garage, basement, or commercial space, the chances are that you are going to be moving heavy equipment around. Moving heavy objects and equipment over a bare concrete floor can cause abrasions and gashes in your flooring. One benefit of polyaspartic flooring is that it is abrasion-resistant and can help protect your flooring from damage. Feel free to move things around comfortably! Along with equipment, a busy garage or basement will likely see its fair share of oils and chemicals. On other types of flooring, these can leave stains and even damage, but thanks to the chemical-resistant properties inpolyaspartic coating, harmful chemicals and oils have no chance of ruining your floors.

Faster Cure Time

The worst part about refinishing your concrete floor is the amount of time it takes to cure. It takes a long time for polymer flooring to dry and mold to your concrete flooring. Sometimes this process can take days, meaning that you’ll have to wait to get back to working in your business or garage. On the other hand, polyaspartic floors eliminate this worry by curing faster than any other polymer coating on the market. Polyaspartic flooring is a low-to zero volatile organic compound or VOC, which makes its cure time much faster. This means that you won't have to wait as long to get back in your garage or basement.

UV and Weather Resistance

Another testament to polyaspartic flooring's durability is its resistance to the elements. Concrete floors and other polymer coatings can fall victim to the harmful rays of the sun, making them fade and fall apart. That being said, polyaspartic flooring also has amazing corrosion protection, making it ideal for industries like construction and agriculture that are always fighting the weather. So if you have any floor outside that needs to be refinished, polyaspartic is the best choice to protect from the elements.

As one can see, when it comes to refinishing your concrete floor with a polymer solution, don't trust other options like epoxy or urethane. Polyaspartic flooring is the only coating that can stand up to every test. With superior durability, resistance, and convenience, it is the best choice for your home or business. Just like you wouldn’t trust your floors to other coatings, don’t trust your floors to anyone except the professionals at American Poly Concrete Floor Refinishing. Our team of professionals can refinish your floors with a polyaspartic coating quickly at a cost that is just right for you. Visit us online to explore our floor coating services, or give us a call to get a quote today.

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